Professional Athletes

‘Sport is the only profession I know that when you retire, you have to go to work!’ Earl Monroe, NBA Hall of Fame Star

The one reality in professional sport is that retirement from your sport is inevitable, and more often than not retirement will choose you! For most professional athletes the thought of this eventuality is too much to bare, let alone to plan for. The fact is that for the majority of professional athletes there is an element of invincibility about attitudes to their sporting career and an ‘I’ll think about that next year’ mentality when it comes to planning for their future.

Athletes face a wide range of issues from medical to financial, from education to careers guidance, from relationship breakdown to issues with depression. There is an unprecedented need for a support network to assist athletes in their transition from the sporting arena into the second and most crucial phase of their working lives

From Sport to Work

ACT manage the transition from professional sport to the work place focusing on three key areas of progression in order to be successful:

Career Pathway

Educational Program

Transition Preparation