Personal Transition Preparation

I had virtually the whole of my adult life ahead of me… I wish that there had been specialist help available to talk me through retirement and the problems it raises for all players Brian Moore, England Rugby (p.264-5)


ACT is very passionate that a broader approach to the athletes transition needs to be looked at. ACT have created a support network for the athlete that offers advice, counseling and guidance on all aspects of their career transition.

Athletes will be faced with having to make a radical change to their lives when they retire, which will have emotional, physical financial implications as they are thrust into a world that is very unfamiliar and at times daunting. Retirement will impact, not only on the athlete, but their immediate family and friends also athletes therefore need a strong support network to soften an often strenuous process.

ACT have selected professional experts to take key roles, in an advisory capacity, with the mentoring and guidance of ACT Athletes  during their personal preparation for retirement.

All ACT athletes have regular contact and access to psychological, physical and career transition specialists from the moment they commit to the ACT program to well into their retirement form sport.

Below is a typical schedule of of contact that an athlete can expect with ACT Advisors over a 2-3 year retirement plan:-

ACT focus on a number of key aspects of career transition ensuring full support for ACT athletes:-

  • Individual athlete profiling
  • Individual psychometric evaluation
  • Identity development
  • Crisis management
  • Physical Preparation

The ACT support network allows athletes, in total confidence, the opportunity to address any issues, no matter how big or small, well before and after they retire from their sport. ACT is the only organisation offering a comprehensive approach to career transition preparation for elite professional athletes.