Advisory Team

ACT’s experienced Advisory Team consists of industry, education and sporting experts and has been specifically assembled to ensure that ACT can deliver qualified advise, guidance and support the athlete through the key challenges of their journey from professional sport to the workplace.

Stephen Mellalieu PhD – ACT Sports Psychology & Career Transition Advisor
Stephen is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a registered practitioner with the Health Professions Council (HPC). He has over 15 years experience of consulting with Professional and Olympic sports, including rugby union. A former junior international rugby union player and coach, Stephen has been published extensively in the field of sport psychology and professional practice in areas such as team dynamics, stress management and psychological skills training.

Stephen works closely with ACT athletes, using a well-structured programme in the psychological preparation for their retirement from professional sport.


Ben Paszkowec – ACT Transition Support Consultant
Ben is a former elite professional Football player. After his football career ended abruptly through injury Ben went on to educate himself to Master’s level in Sport Psychology. He is extremely passionate about developing the individual as well as the athlete. His philosophy and approach to practice reflect his belief that well-being and performance are inextricably linked and have the potential to impact upon one another. Developing the person behind the athlete not only contributes to performance on the pitch, but also enhances their life beyond sport.

Ben manages ACT’s Transition Support Programme and his role includes the profiling of athletes, athlete matching,  life skills development and supporting each athlete throughout the programme.


Nick James – ACT Social Media & Brand Reputation Advisor
An online convert since 2005 after a 20 year career in the events business on both sides of the Atlantic. Nick has been creating and curating quality content since 1993, online, face-to-face and in print. As the founder of Nick and his talented team have had over 3 million people visit their websites and 25,000 people attend their events.

His knowledge and experience is invaluable to ACT in helping manage the athlete’s Social Media presence through the placement transition and if required, in supporting ACT’s business partners’ Social Media strategy.


Jemma Simpson – ACT Social Media & Content Consultant
Jemma was involved in athletics from the age of 9 and through sheer determination, commitment and drive, she achieved British Olympian status at the age of 24.
Jemma competed in the 800 and 1500 metres and is a former British Champion in the 800m. She picked up the title in 2007, 2009 and 2010 in the British Championships. She was also ranked top 10 in the world for the 800m event. Jemma spent 14 years representing her country and has travelled the world throughout her athletics career.
In addition to her demanding career as an athlete, Jemma also achieve a Degree in English Literature and Media Studies. She has worked as a Social Media Marketing Manager and also has experience in this area from representing herself as a business throughout her athletic career.
Jemma works with ACT’s athletes and business partners building social media campaigns to highlight each athletes journey from sport to business.


Chris Small – Managing Director of Saville Consulting
Chris is the Managing Director of Saville Consulting’s international business and focuses on managing their 55 international partners to ensure that the Saville Consulting products, training and consulting offering is delivered to the widest possible audience by professional psychology, assessment or HR businesses. 

Chris is a chartered psychologist with a strong and practical consulting background, which includes the delivery of a wide range of training and development programs, competency/values design, executive assessment, development and coaching. Chris has over 10 years’ experience helping organizations such as RBS, Siemens, Walmart, T- Mobile & Jaguar Landrover to shape solutions to their human capital challenges. A British Universities rugby player and Yorkshire Schools cricketer, Chris is passionate about the role sport can play in developing the key characteristics that drive performance in the workplace.


141570642696955Adrian Webster – Motivational Business Speaker
Riot police officer, milkman and salesman were just a few of the entries on Adrian Webster’s CV before he moved into the IT industry and discovered an ability to motivate and inspire others.

Adrian is recognised as one of the most entertaining and effective motivational business speakers in the UK today. His speciality is delivering key messages and really useful practical take-away tools on behalf of clients in a humorous, incredibly impactful, engaging and down to earth style that audiences can easily relate to and remember. He knows how to inspire everyday people to be extraordinary. Adrian works closely with ACT athletes, to prepare them for delivering engaging presentations in the boardroom.