ACT Pathway

ACT have created a defined career pathway for the athlete to experience a seamless transition between retiring from professional sport and entering a specific career route. This process involves input from the athlete, the Business Partner, our education partner and the ACT Advisory Panel.


  Stage 1 – Business Partner Profiling
ACT have engaged with specifically selected Business Partners and high level business contacts, in differing industry sectors, enabling the identification of long term employment opportunities for professional athletes. Each Business Partner is profiled in order to understand their own particular requirements and expectations of an eligible individual. 


  Stage 2 – Athlete Profiling
Detailed profiling of the individual athlete is one of the most important elements in the pathway. Profiling forms the basis on which ACT carry out the matching process. As well as personal, education and career profiling, ACT also works with one of the industry experts in psychometric assessments. This offers us the opportunity to look at the individual athlete’s strengths in order to place them with the most appropriate Business Partner. 


  Stage 3 – Matching Process
Matching the correct athlete with the most appropriate business for the individual’s aspirations and expectations is key to the success of the pathway. Once a full assessment of the athlete has taken place, ACT match the athlete with the most appropriate Business Partner(s). Thereafter, an interview process takes place with the athlete being fully prepared by ACT’s HR department. 


  Stage 4 – Career Development Planning
Once ACT has successfully matched an athlete with a Business Partner, all parties plan the effective work placement, training and education of the athlete for an agreed period. 


  Stage 5 – Work Placement
The athlete and the Business Partner commit to a long-term work placement programme enabling the athlete to gain the appropriate experience within the business over a prolonged period. 


  Stage 6 – Transition Assistance Program
The individual preparation of the athlete is key to their smooth transition from professional sport in to the new phase of their life. Our experts guide and support the athlete through the psychological and physical challenges they will undoubtedly face. 


  Stage 7 – Continued support and mentoring
The support that ACT offer the athlete does not end as soon as they retire from professional sport, ‘once an ACT athlete always an ACT athlete‘. Initially, ACT work with the athlete on a one/two year post retirement support programme. However, ACT are committed to on-going support for the athlete and will continue to guide the athlete into the employment stage of the pathway and beyond. 


  Stage 8 – Full-time Employment
The end goal of the ACT pathway is to prepare, guide and support the athlete to a point where they have made a successful transition from professional sport into regular life and full time employment. 


The ACT career pathway is structured in such a way that it allows flexibility for the athlete to continue to remain 100% committed to their sporting career, whilst fully utilising the down time that every elite athlete experiences. There is frequent monitoring of the individual’s progress by ACT, the Business Partner and the athlete, with total focus on ensuring that maximum benefit for the individual and the Business Partner is achieved.