About us

ACT was created through a combination of the career transition experiences of ACT’s Founders, retired Welsh International Rugby Union brothers, Andy and Steve Moore.

Coupled with the fact that professional athletes, from all sports are now retiring from their sporting lives with little knowledge or understanding of the skills they have built up over years of elite competition, ACT, in partnership with Sir Steve Redgrave, have developed a comprehensive transition program for athletes at all stages of their career and beyond. Enabling them to successfully transfer those skills into the most appropriate business environments for them.

Many elite professional athletes, enter this new phase of their life often with no qualifications, no experience and no guidance for the future. As a result, ACT completely focus on fully preparing elite athletes for their transition into life after sport delivering huge internal and external value to their business partners.

The earlier an athlete prepares for ‘Life after Sport’ the smoother the transition is likely to be, however ACT passionately believes that it’s never too late for an athlete to work on their transition, and have guided athletes in the very early stages of their sports career all the way through to those who have been retired from sport for a considerable length of time.  


From Sport to Work

ACT manage the transition from professional sport to the work place focusing on three key areas of progression in order to be successful:-

ACT Pathway

ACT Fast-Track

ACT Recruit

Seamless Transition

ACT has forged long-term partnerships in the following areas to ensure a seamless transition for the athlete into the workplace:-

Business Partners

Education Partners

Unions and Associations